commodity chic

commodity chic
(kuh.MOD.uh.tee sheek)
A fashionable style applied to commodity items such as bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances.
Example Citation:
Keith Clarridge, Vice President of Marketing for Menu Solutions, also present at the awards ceremony, adds, 'with intense competition, consumers are increasingly more critical — they expect more, but want to pay less. We seek integrate of all stages of a product development from creative conception all the way through to 'shelf' to translate as affordable "commodity chic."
— Kris Major, "International Menu Solutions Category Finalist of Coveted Canadian Grand Prix New Food Product Award," PR Newswire, June 12, 2000
Earliest Citation:
Call it commodity chic. Marketers of watches and desk chairs, lawn sets and household tools are courting the world's top artists in a bid to make design a critical selling point.
— Frank Gibney, "The Allure of commodity chic," Time, August 30, 1999
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